Cathy Smith


I am based in Brussels but moderate conferences all over Europe. Subject areas can vary enormously: one week it might be politics and banking, another week pharmaceuticals, climate change or innovation and entrepreneurship.

I am a former presenter of Channel Four News in the UK and was a Europe correspondent for both the BBC and GMTV, as well as presenter of European Journal for DeutscheWelle TV. There’s no doubt that having worked in live TV for years I am able to think on my feet. I like to make conference debates as informal and fast moving as a TV discussion would be.

I always prepare the subjects well and, whenever possible, like to contact speakers beforehand so they feel comfortable and have a good idea of the flow of the event.

There is no point organising an expensive conference if there isn’t some meaningful discussion and a true exchange of ideas, so I do my best to make that happen!




“I wanted to thanks personally for your outstanding performance at Space Days 2014 appreciated by lot of people. Although the domains are not easy ones for external people, you managed to treat them as if they were very common for you while keeping the participants always at their ease.”
Gian Carlo Colletta, VitroCiset

“I’d like to take the opportunity to warmly thank you for your truly great moderation; you added a lot of additional inspiration to the entire event, and we did have very good feedback from the audience on the moderation.”
Stefanie Lauber, Givaudan
“I cannot thank you enough for both your contribution and support during that first day of ICT Create Connect Grow in Vilnius. You did brilliantly and set an excellent relaxed tone for the coming days.”
Zoe Kay, DG Connect, European Commission”


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