Sue Beardsmore

Nationality: British


For 20 years I was a leading presenter, reporter and manager at the BBC in Birmingham, now a consultant, trainer, project coordinator and regular conference chair.

I have worked in Europe and the Middle East as well as the UK, developing workshops for broadcast organisations, the health service, industry and the voluntary sector. I often chair events and discussions; recent examples include a European Cities and Science Communication Conference and ‘Food-Smart Cities’ for Birmingham Universities. I have also conducted a series of public interviews with leading political and social figures for a literary festival. I am very interested in the community aspects of social media, and have worked with a company which develops social media skills in communities, education, health and housing. And I am a member of the West Midlands Committee of the UK Heritage Lottery Fund which allocates substantial funds to cultural projects and the preservation of urban and rural heritage.

The experience of presenting live news and current affairs TV programmes, and later coaching presenters, is extremely valuable when chairing panels or conferences. Good preparation is very important, so that I know the subject, understand what the organisers want to achieve, and have talked to the speakers in to ensure they will be clear and concise. If required I can advise on audio-visual presentations or PowerPoints, and the best formats for successful events. The best conferences allow plenty of opportunities for the audience to get involved, sometimes in break-out sessions or brainstorming, and I aim for good interaction between speakers and participants with succinct questions and answers, inclusive discussions, and an engaging style – always keeping events running to time!



“The event exceeded our expectations and we have had some wonderful feedback. We all agree that your skills and professionalism helped to keep us all calm and greatly contributed to the smooth running of our Agenda.”
Josie Kelly, Access to Business, European Regional Development Fund Enterprise Event.

“Thanks again for all you help and advice. Your presence on the night was invaluable.”
Dr Adrian Morley, Food-Smart City Project Manager, Universities West Midlands.

“Thanks for the putting in the time to understand the event, working with speakers and pulling the plenary sessions together – you made a valuable contribution all the way through.”
Kate Cooper, CASC (Cities and Science Communication – EU) Conference Organiser.



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