Virtual Conferences

With all conferences and seminars cancelled during the Covid-19 crisis, could you switch your event to an online experience with participants contributing from their homes?

Members of the Moderators Europe team have built up their expertise in this area. We can help you to plan, organise and conduct a successful online version of your event. We can also supply basic advice about the most appropriate online platforms to use, building in audience participation as required.


But there are also advantages:

  • An online conference is much less expensive to run, with no venue costs, no hospitality costs and no travel or hotel expenses.
  • Speakers and visuals such as PowerPoints can be seen clearly on everyone’s screen.
  • The event will reach more of the target stakeholders; only a proportion of invited participants attend conventional events because they cannot afford to take the time away from work, including travelling time, or their SME of NGO will not cover the expense.
  • It’s good for keeping down your carbon footprint.
  • Everyone is completely safe!

Facilitating a virtual conference still requires the same skills from the moderators – very good preparation with clear goals, early contact with speakers, knowledge of the subjects, strict timekeeping, and maximum involvement from the participants. Depending on the duration of the event, several moderators can split the tasks, for example curating questions and comments, or managing breakout groups.

Feel free to get in touch with any of the moderators if you want to know more about arranging an online conference. Email addresses are on the profile pages under ‘The Moderators Europe Team’.

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