Anya Sitaram


I am award winning journalist and broadcaster specialising in global health, environment and developing world issues. A former ITN health and science correspondent and television news anchor (Sky and BBC World News) I moderate panels for a number of EU organisations, particularly the European Commission.

My day job is Executive Producer for a UK based independent Television Production Company that makes factual programmes for international TV channels.

Prior to moderating any conference or seminar, I make sure I am well prepared, liaising with the organisers and panellists beforehand. I aim to make sessions as lively as possible, keeping to time and ensuring that the audience is engaged. I will ask challenging questions if necessary.

Panel highlights:

  • April 2014 Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, London
  • April 2013 – European Commission Civil Protection Forum, Brussels
  • May 2013 International Labour Conference, Geneva
  • June 2013 European Commission Green Week, Brussels
  • October 2012 UN High Level Panel post 2015. Moderated London session on stewardship of natural resources (UK Department for International Development)
  • October 2012 OECD Annual Food Chain Network Meeting, Paris
  • October 2012 European Development Days, Brussels
  • June 2012 Rio + 20 moderating 3 high level ministerial panels, Rio de Janiero
  • December 2010: high level ministerial panel at the Cancun climate conference in Mexico
  • 2008: Invited by WHO’s Director General to moderate a roundtable of First Ladies to discuss ways of improving maternal health around the world, UN assembly New York





“Your excellent moderation was particularly helpful and I am extremely grateful to you for taking time to be part of this event”
Michael Anderson, Prime Minister’s Envoy on post-2015 Development Goals

“You were ‘excellent’ which is always nice to hear!”
Knight Ayton Management on feedback from Eye4Pharma panel.


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